Engineering to us is much more than drawing parts. It is understanding a system and finding the best solution, and it is a complete process from the first idea to production. We do not only engineer parts for ourselves and our partners, but also offer engineering services for selected customers. If you have a problem and you need an innovative solution, you are more than welcome to contact us. Below are a few brief examples of our work:

Idea to Product

Our work includes the complete product development cycle. This includes consulting, design, simulation, prototypes and serial production including organisation and documentation. We have backgrounds in various engineering disciplines and can contribute experience from a large variety of applications.

Customisation and Integration

Our activities, especially on rotary engines, go beyond the standard end product. Sometimes customers need specific functions and packaging solutions. Then we provide assistance and sometimes also a new engine design, and in return some of the new things we create become standard at a later stage. This makes cooperation a win-win-situation both for customers and ourselves.
For example, the Aixro XP40 was first an Aixro XF40 that was modified as a batch production for a paramotor customer. Now the XP40 is a standard product that does not just suit paramotors, but several other applications.

Analysis and Solution

Despite extensive testing and more than a century of experience, products in large industries such as automotive can still be far from optimal. Then it is essential to detect root causes and to find smart and robust solutions. For example, on a specific engine generation, an operating rod that controls swirl flaps tends to fall off, and the manufacturer recommends a very expensive repair. We analysed the failure and developed an improved solution, which is much cheaper for the end customer and fully solves the problem.

System Engineering

The key to good engineering is understanding a system. Solving individual problem areas is no good unless the interactions and impact on the complete system are taken into consideration. Otherwise one solution results in one or more problems in other areas.
When Woelfle Engineering was founded, the first customer was an American manufacturer of embroidery machines. Initially we were approached to solve urgent technical issues on a new product. In the end we remained contractors for several years and also developed a new series of machines for them. This is only one example of many, where a small project turns into more bigger projects and where the basis of success is a combination of the full understanding of a system and a creative solution approach.