type4-stroke single rotor rotary engine
power33kW at 8750rpm
torque>35Nm from 4500rpm
max. rpm10500rpm
2% oil premix
dry weight17kg (excl. exhaust, cooling, starter)
rotor coolingcharge cooled
housing coolingliquid cooled
ignitiondigital self-sustained system
alternator75W/6A from 5000rpm
PTO2-disc centrifugal clutch with ½" chain type 428
Included Features
vacuum-controlled dual inlet
Dell'Orto VHSH30CS carburettor with fuel pump and air filter
Ignition with alternator
Clutch with 11T sprocket and cover
Stainless steel exhaust with manifold and springs
Standard engine mounts (Ø32mm x 92mm)
Optional Features
Ceramic apex seals
Onboard starter
10T-, 12T- and 13T-sprocket
Chassis-specific engine mounts
Black engine cover