type4-stroke single rotor rotary engine
power26kW at 6500rpm
torque>35Nm from 4500rpm
max. rpm7000rpm
fuelgasoline (MoGas/AvGas)
2% oil premix
fuel consumption5-8l/h
depending on application
dry weight18kg (excl. exhaust, cooling and reduction)
rotor coolingcharge cooled
housing coolingliquid cooled
ignitiondigital self-sustained system
alternator75W/6A from 5000rpm
(180W/15A optional)
PTOV-belt pulley (Ø59mm, PJ 16 stripes)
Included Features
Ceramic apex seals
Mechanical single-cable dual inlet control
Float carburettor with fuel pump and air filter
Water Pump with timing belt drive
Onboard starter
Ignition with alternator
Autoventilated V-belt pulley
Stainless steel exhaust with 90° manifold and springs
Optional Features
Modular exhaust components
Alternative intake manifolds
Mounting plate with reduction drive (2.5:1 and 3:1)
Custom modifications upon request