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Better than a piston engine could ever be

Looking for something new? An engine that is simply better? An engine that is more fun, lasts longer and that easily fits your kart?
The Aixro XR30 is the new alternative in karting. With 21 kW / 29 hp it is on one level with current 125cc TaG 2-stroke engines
- and yet it is so much more.

From low revs the Aixro XR30 supplies lots of torque, and still it remains very controllable. Especially in conditions with little grip you will be surprised just how smooth and quick this engine is. But also in the mid to high range the Aixro XR30 keeps up the momentum and unfolds its power much more homogeneously than a piston engine, especially a current 125cc TaG, ever could.
The Aixro XR30 is based on the proven Aixro XR50, which already has unbeaten maintenance intervals for a racing engine. Therefore the Aixro XR30 is especially directed at all those who want to focus on racing when racing a kart, and it is particularly suitable for endurance racing.

The Aixro XR30 fits any standard direct-drive chassis, so an upgrade from a 2-stroke is really easy. It can be upgraded to the XR50 with a few simple changes (carburettor, direct inlet restrictor, ignition ECU - and of course front brakes), so those who may want to go even faster some day can start with the Aixro XR30 and later upgrade to the Aixro XR50. Still an upgrade should not be the main focus. The Aixro XR30 allows such clean and smooth driving that it is the perfect engine to enjoy pure karting - less is more!

Ask your dealer for a test drive. You will be excited!
aixro XR30 Wankel rotary engine - © aixro GmbH
chamber volume
max. rpm
4-stroke single rotor rotary engine
21 kW at 8250 rpm
ca. 17 kg
30 Nm at 4000 rpm
294 ccm
10000 rpm
PVL Fire 650
2-disc dry centrifugal clutch
½in chain type 428
Included Features Dual Inlet with vacuum control
Dell'Orto carburettor with air filter
Clutch with 11T sprocket and cover
3-piece exhaust with manifold and springs
Standard engine mounts (Ø32mm x 92mm)
Ignition with start support
50W alternator
Options Onboard starter
External starter
Ceramic apex seals
10T-, 12T- and 13T-sprocket
Chassis-specific engine mounts
Metal clutch friction discs
Aixro XR50 upgrade kit
Prices Please contact a Dealer near you
Documentation Performance diagram (.xls)