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2015 News Update

Finally there is an update on our website. It may look like we have been down for some time, but the opposite was the case.
We were simply too busy with new developments, technical updates and work with new customers. For example, German paramotor manufacturer Fresh Breeze is now using an Aixro XH40 on their XLight 120kg twin-seater trike (follow the link for some cool videos). Also we have released a new engine version with side mounts and an integrated reduction drive: The Aixro XP40. More details on the engine will follow shortly.
Aixro Karting in Germany

In May 2014 the DMSB sent out a letter to their race organizers and tracks, in which they explained that some engines would be banned from races in Germany due to particularly high power ratings. The engines addressed were explicitly engines made by Mega and Hirth with 60hp and more. We were sure that Aixro enignes would not be affected, because their power and speed is similar to that of "KZ" class shifter karts, the DMSB has been familiar with Aixro for years, and it is approved for racing in other countries, for example in the Netherlands. Still we contacted the DMSB to make sure we were right in our assumption, but we did not contribute to the discussion at the time as things seemed to quiet down anyway.
With the new racing season ahead, there are now rumours that Aixro enignes would also be banned from racing in some way. Of course this is not true, but apparently a clarification is necessary anyway. Therefore the attached document explains our position of the current situation.
Coming Soon: Aixro XR30 and Additional Rear Silencer

New End Silencer
Due to recent CIK regulation changes and quite a few tracks having noise issues we have put together an additional rear silencer. The rear silencer fits the current 3-piece exhaust system and further reduces the noise level remarkably, so it solves any issues with noise limitations where the standard silencer should not be sufficient.
The engine performance is not affected by the silencer at all, and the sound - though much quieter - remains a typical aixro sound.
Production parts are currently sourced and made, so the silencer will be available shortly.

Aixro XR30
Soon the Aixro XR product range will be extended with the Aixro XR30. This engine will use the same reliable core components as the Aixro XR50, but it will come with a 20mm carburettor and 12mm restrictor as well as a 10000rpm rev limit to produce just below 30hp. The setup is very harmonic with good bottom end performance and drivability, so it offers a much nicer driving experience than piston engines with similar power.
It will be interesting for a variety of customers, such as endurance racers competing against TaG 2-strokes, customers who want to have an Aixro on their rear-braked chassis - and possibly even “performance” rental karts.
Also there are plans to test the XR30 as a junior engine in the Karting Events race series later this year.
The price will be slightly below the XR50, but the operation cost of the engine will be very low. An upgrade from XR30 to XR50 will be possible (and so will a downgrade if desired). Further information on the engine will follow later this year.
Guinness 24h World Record Attempt Drowned in British Rain

On the 9th July 2012 a team of British karters attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the greatest distance in 24 hrs outdoors. The current record of 2056.7km was set by “Equipe Vitesse” using a 125cc Honda engine, which had been modified and bored out.
Simon Nicholson and Alan Churchyard of Blue Lizard Racing believed this record could be broken with a standard kart and a standard engine if the right partners could be found. The partners were found indeed as Dino Karts with their UK distributor PKP Motorsport supplied the kart and became the name sponsor of the Dino Kart Record attempt. Iztech provided the seat, Kelgate supplied the brakes, and our UK distributor AiM Motorsport delivered the aixro XR50 engine and provided technical support.
In addition further prominent sponsors were found, and all funds went to Kart Force, who participated separately with a ProKart setup using two Honda engines in an attempt to beat the record as well and also to set a 24h world record with hand controls only. Kart Force is a truly inspirational project with a goal of providing injured troops with memorable, adrenalin packed experiences. Unlike other similar events, which have a primary aim of raising funds, Kart Force focuses on providing the injured troops themselves with the opportunity of enjoying action packed experiences of racing and socialising, something they never thought they could do again.

The start of the record attempt was delayed from 9am to 12 noon due to heavy rain in the morning. Then the track started to get dry, so after some driving in the wet it was time to change to slicks and put in some quick laps. Some minor issues, such as a malfunction of the automatic chain lube system and a clutch thrust bearing needing some grease, cost a little time. But the pace was kept high, so after 10 hours the prediction was to beat the record two hours ahead by 10am the next morning, and things looked really promising...
Until heavy rain set in again. Those who watched the Qualifying of the 2012 British Formula 1 GP, which took place the weekend before, can imagine the track conditions. The teams tried their best, but it was simply impossible to maintain good lap times as rain poured down on the track.
In the end, despite 9 hours of rain, the Dino Kart Record Team covered 1992km and was only 64km behind the world record. The Kart Force team did no less than 1,888.6km and set a new 24h world record using hand controls only. Had it not rained they could have beaten the existing record, too. Between the four drivers the Kart Force team had only three legs and two of the drivers also had missing fingers/thumbs making it even more demanding using hand controls, so it was a perfect proof that you don’t need all your limbs to compete on a totally level playing field against non-injured drivers.
Throughout the 24 hours the aixro XR50 engine never missed a beat, and it could probably have done another 24 hours. It was checked after the record attempt to make sure everything is OK, and only the main bearing was replaced once the engine was apart anyway, that’s it.

Kart Force and the Dino Kart Record team will be back for another attempt in dry conditions. We look forward to it and will provide an update once we know more.

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