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Aixro Engines

Aixro rotary engines are charge cooled. They use the intake air for cooling and lubrication of its main components. They do not require a separate oil supply, which makes them particularly light.

Contrary to other charge cooled Wankel type rotary engines, Aixro engines use our dual intake system:
Fresh gases flowing through the first port enter the engine from one side plate. Then they flow through the rotor and the eccentric shaft in axial direction to cool and lubricate the rotor, eccentric shaft and main bearing, and from there they enter the combustion chamber through a transfer port in the opposite side plate.
The second inlet allows additional air flow directly into the combustion chamber to provide additional power when needed.

Though the engines are operated with carburettors and fuel lubrication, they achieve very good exhaust emissions. According to our customers the fuel consumption is approximately 20% lower than 2-stroke engines' of similar power.
Aixro engines achieve enormous operation performance and have long service intervals.

Using a rotary engine is simple. But making it requires highest precision, state of the art technology and technical expertise. It is not without cause that so many Wankel projects in the automotive industry failed despite enormous resources.

With our partner and license holder of our designs, aixro GmbH of Josef Rothkrantz, we have proved how good the Wankel principle is. But this impression is not enough. Therefore Aixro GmbH continually improves the engines and produces all engines to highest quality standards. In addition every engine is tested on the in-house dynamometer before delivery.

It is only with a perfect product that we can ensure our good reputation for the future and give our customers the confidence they need for a complex technology like the Wankel engine.

Aixro Logo

aixro GmbH
Münsterstraße 44 - 52076 Aachen

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