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Racing Update: De Block strikes back, Bourgonjon sets record

After struggling a bit at the beginning of the season Jurgen de Block has come back strong in the last races of the AIM MotorSport Aixro XR50 Race Series and the Karting Events Race Series.

At the second round of the Karting Events Race Series on the beatiful Hunsrückring in Germany, things did not look too well for De Block as he spun off the track in rainy conditions after the start of the first race. But he showed his full racing potential, and by the end of the race he finished first with a large gap to Bjorn Bourgonjon and Robert de Boer, who managed to snatch third place from Dave Bult in the last lap.
In the second and third race, which took place in dry conditions, De Block repeated his victory and secured chances to defend his title in the championship. The Karting Events championship is still led quite comfortably by Bjorn Bourgonjon though, who put in a constant performance with another two second places. Jurgen De Block is now second i nthe championship ahead of Robert de Boer, Dave Bult and Amato Pasquarelli.

In the AIM MotorSport race series, where both Bourgonjon and De Block participate as well, De Block also showed a strong performance by taking almost maximum points at super-fast Teesside and Llandow.
At Teesside he was challenged strongly especially by Bourgonjon though, who took second place of the event ahead of Antoine Marcadé and put in the fastest lap of 1:03.909. Despite the 180kg weight limit and hard tyres used in the race series, this is the new oficial Teesside lap record with an average speed of 118.3 km/h / 73.5 mph!
As Bourgonjon could not make it for the Llandow race and the runner-ups in the championship took points from each other with Richard Blackburn in second place of the event and Luke Handley in third, De Block now leads the AIM MotorSport Aixro XR50 Race Series comfortably ahead of Antoine Marcadé, Bjorn Bourgonjon, Kai Attwood and Adam Foxley.

Update: aixro XF40 in Siivet Magazine

The article in the 3/2012 edition of Finnish aviation magazine Siivet can now be read online.
Here is the link to the Siivet article on Wankel rotary aviation engines.
The latest information from Siivet magazine is available on the Siivet facebook site.

Many thanks to Siivet Magazine and Wankel engine enthusiast Heikki Lehmonen.
Karting Events - Spa Francorchamps

The Wankel class of the Karting Events Race Series started in style on the beautiful race track of Spa Francorchamps, Belgium. Located inside the world famous Formula 1 track it is always worth the trip, not just for the opportunity to watch race cars fly by, but also for a fabulous and quick karting track. This year we were a bit concerned though, because the corner that required the biggest confidence had been replaced with a chicane for safety reasons, but the change was actually for the better and has made the track even more challenging.

As the drivers prefer to have three races instead of a qualifying and two races, the starting grid was set by a lottery in the first race, opposite in the second race, and the results of the first two races made the grid for the third race. This means that quicker drivers don’t necessarily start from the front, so good overtaking is required as much as consistency.
In the first race Bjorn Bourgonjon and Robert de Boer, who appeared to be among the favourites, started from the third row while title defender Jurgen de Block had to try to catch up from 9th position. Unfortunately de Bock’s challenge was stopped quickly as Kris van Hulle accidentally went over his kart right after the start, thus taking away his intake manifold as well as his chances to win. In the meantime Bourgonjon and de Boer made their way to the front, which was defended by Joey van Beek. In lap 4 Bourgonjon found a way past him, and so did de Boer in lap 8. De Boer managed to close in on Bourgonjon towards the end of the race, but Bourgonjon still won with a comfortable lead of more than 2 seconds. Van Beek came in third ahead of Amato Pasquarelli and Dave Bult.
In the second race Henk van Ginkel took the lead ahead of Kris van Hulle. But Bourgonjon again caught positions very quickly and proved that he would be the man of the day. After the first lap he had even made his way past de Block, who stayed at his heels and thus moved up to second position when Bourgonjon was in the lead again. De Boer again proved his consistency and speed towards the end of the race though, so by lap 16 he got past de Block to finish second – and just a second behind Bourgonjon after 20 laps.
After collecting the best results Bjorn Bourgonjon got to start from pole position in the third race ahead of de Robert de Boer. But what looked to be an easy race actually became very difficult for Bourgonjon as Jurgen de Block, who had been rewarded a better starting position after the unforced collision in the first race, put in a great start and got past him to take the lead. In the second lap Bourgonjon re-established his position though, and de Boer also found a way past de Block. De Block fought back and stayed ahead of de Boer until lap 11. Then he had to let Bourgonjon and de Boer pull away. De Boer stayed right behind Bourgonjon for the rest of the race, but didn’t get past him, so Bourgonjon managed to win the final with a lead of just 0.24 seconds.

With the best possible result Bjorn Bourgonjon took the victory and the championship lead ahead of Robert de Boer. Third place went to Dave Bult, closely followed by Amato Pasquarelli and last year’s champion Jurgen de Block.
Everybody enjoyed the racing weekend, so we all look forward to the next event in June at Hahn, Germany.

Pictures of the Spa Francorchamps aixro race by Jan Toussaint
Pictures of the Spa Francorchamps aixro race by by Dimitri van Beveren
Karting Events Championship Results
aixro XF40 in Siivet Magazine

The 3/2012 edition of Finnish aviation magazine Siivet ("Wings") features a four-page article on Wankel rotary aviation engines - of course including the aixro XF40. The magazine is on sale now.
The latest information from Siivet magazine is available on the Siivet facebook site.
Great Start to 2012 Racing Season

With perfect weather and many drivers the AIM MotorSport Aixro XR50 Race Series took off into the 2012 racing season on the new PFi race track. The race meeting was held with the PFi ProKart Race Series, so ProKart series photographer Andy Webb of Sprocket Photography kindly included the Aixros in his race report:

This month the meeting welcomed back the travelling entourage of rotary-engined Aixros with their enthralling speed and impeccably-presented liveries for the first of their eight meetings at British tracks. Alternating with the ProKarts, each race saw the three fastest drivers, Bjorn Bourgonjon, Jurgen de Block, and Mikey Naylor creating a multi-second lead over the remaining ten who finished the final. Naylor confirmed his meeting-long third place, while de Block got pole position for the final with two wins out of three.
Bourgonjon’s speed, which had earned him every fastest lap, propelled him past de Block by the end of the first lap, opening up an ever-widening three second gap. Naylor got into second for three laps until de Block regained his place and so the three remained until the chequered flag.
Justin Coxon made up for a low grid position with a five-place spurt on lap one and closed in on Aintoine Marcade in fourth from lap eight, just getting the better of him on the last lap to come home half a second ahead.

Pictures of the PFi race by Jan Toussaint
Pictures of the PFi race by Andy Webb
Onboard Videos from Antoine Marcade
Karting Events 2012 race dates now online

The race dates for the 2012 Karting Events official Dutch Race Series are now online.
Feedback from the drivers showed that less is more, so there will be a total of four BeNeLux races with the aixro XR50 wankel rotary engine this year. In addition drivers were allowed to pick the best tracks off the calender, so they will be racing at Spa Francorchamps, Hahn, Veldhoven and Berghem.

Find further details, dates and map locations in our events section.
If you want to be blown away by the aixro XR50 in racing conditions feel free to contact us.
2012 IKA Kart Show

The aixro XR50 was very well represented at the 2012 IKA Kart Show in Offenbach, Germany.
It was on display with kart manufacturers Swiss Corse and Swiss Hutless, CRG distributor Prespo and Praga Racing distributor M-Tec. In addition our ignition supplier PVL showed an open model of the engine to illustrate the integration of the ignition in the engine's flyweight.
There was a lot of interest in the engine, and everybody reported of very positive feedback, so we are looking forward to an even more successful karting season in 2012.

Pictures from the IKA Kart Show by
Pictures from the IKA Kart Show by
Aloha aixro XR50 - Hawaii Goes Rotary

Goldberg Racing from Maui, Hawaii have made an excellent video with their two new aixro XR50s. Enjoy!
M-Tec Praga Racing Team at the Essen Motor Show

The Essen Motor Show was a great event for the M-Tec Praga Racing Team.
Many of the more than 330,000 visitors came to see their karts and were curious to take a closer look at the impressive Praga R4S racing car (510hp, 790kg, too many pistons:-). Also a cut-out model of the aixro XR50 wankel rotary engine was a real eyecatcher, and everybody wanted to turn it to find out how it works.
In addition the M-Tec Praga Racing Team got some track time in the motorsport arena, and professional driver coach Jean-Louis Capliuk put in a great show for the cheering crowd on a Praga chassis with the mighty aixro XR50.

Many thanks to our new dealer M-Tec for their excellent representation on one of the biggest car tuning fairs in the world.
AIM MotorSport 2012 UK race dates now online

The race dates for the 2012 AIM MotorSport aixro XR50 Race Series are now online.
There will be a total of eight races with the wankel rotary engine on five exciting tracks: Llandow, Lydd, PFi, Teesside and Three Sisters.
Find further details, dates and map locations in our events section.
Jurgen De Block 2011 Dutch and BeNeLux Champion

Jurgen De Block successfully defended his title in the Wankel class of the Karting Events official Dutch 4-Stroke Championship, and he also gained the title as the first BeNeLux Wankel champion at the final race of the season in Berghem, Netherlands.
He brought a quite comfortable lead to Berghem in the Dutch championship, but in the BeNeLux chapionship (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), which was fought out at the same race weekend, Bjorn Bourgonjon was right up his heels. In addition there were a few quick new drivers and comebacks, which could impact the championship result.
With two race wins and one second place Bjorn Bourgonjon took the day's victory ahead of Sven Salzmann and Julien De Bolle while Jurgen De Block lost some valuable points with just one second place and two fourth places. Still his lead was comfortable enough to secure the championship with 672 points, while Bjorn Bourgonjon gained second place with 647 points and Dave Bult made it to third with 574 points despite a spoiled race weekend.
But in the Karting Events BeNeLux Championship the end result was as close as it could be. Both Jurgen De Block and Bjorn Bourgonjon ended up with 288 points, and they even had the same number race victories, but with just one second place more Jurgen De Block also won the title in this new championship. In addition to this, both Amato Pasquarelli and Kris van Hulle ended up with 249 points, but due to one better result Amato Pasquarelli gained third place ahead of Kris van Hulle.
Congratulations to the winners, and a big thank to all drivers for making this championship such a good one!

Pictures of the Berghem race by Jan Toussaint
Pictures of the Berghem race by Heidi Montfoort
Pictures of the last Berghem race by Dimitri van Beveren - tail light on board
Impressions from the paddock at Berghem
Berghem Race Results by
Comments on - thanks to Kai, Simon and Richard for coming over from the UK!
Bjorn Bourgonjon 2011 UK Champion

Bjorn Bourgonjon is the champion of the 2011 AIM MotorSport Aixro XR50 Race Series. He finished the season in style by winning the last round at PFi, thus extending his lead over Jurgen de Block and Adam Weller.
Congratulations to Bjorn, Jurgen and Adam - and a big thank you to all drivers who took part in the race seris this year. Also we would like to thank everyone at AIM MotorSport. You did a great job setting up and running the series.

Here is the official letter to the drivers from Mike Naylor of AIM MotorSport:
"Hi everyone,
I’ve calculated the points for the final race of the season and they should be on the website soon, in the meantime though the top three are below:
        1.  Bjorn Bourgonjon 898pts
        2.  Jurgen De Block 720pts
        3.  Adam Weller 678.5pts
Congratulations to all 3 of you! Unfortunately that does mean that this season is over but thanks to everyone who’s taken part for making it such a good one! There should be plenty of test days before the next season starts though and I will keep you up to date of when they’re taking place. The next season will be starting in March 2012 and there will be 8 races in total so I’ll be sending out the membership info, race calendar and rule updates over the next few months so please keep a look out for that. Also, we’re keen to make the championship as good as we can so if you have any suggestions for improvements that can be made then please let me know.
Many thanks for all your support,

Pictures of the PFi race by Jan Toussaint
Onboard Videos from Antoine Marcade
New aixro Operation Manuals Online

The new aixro XR50 wankel rotary engine operation manual (version 4.6) is now online. It includes details about the PVL ignition as well as some some useful suggestions we got from customers, so we would like to take the opportunity to thank everybody for their input. At the same time we have released the final update (version 4.4) for engines up to 2010 with the IDM ignition. Both manuals can be downloaded in English and German from the aixro XR50 wankel rotary engine product page.
The new operation manual for the aixro XF40 and XH40 rotary engines is now online as well. It can be downloaded in English and German from the aixro XF/XH40 wankel rotary engine product page.
If you should have any suggestions to improve the manuals, please do not hesiate to contact us. Thank you in advance.
XF/XH50 manual picture
Selected karting news are released on Vroom, eKartingNews and NKN.
XR50 Review

Richard Blackburn from UK dealer AIM MotorSport regularly offers track tests with the aixro XR50, so he gets to see many smiling faces. This time a customer came to see what the XR50 is worth before AIM MotorSport's race at Three Sisters, and he wrote down his experience here:
For thouse who are not so good at Russian (ourselves included), we kindly got an English summary:

"Last week I had a perfect opportunity to test a Aixro XR50 powered kart. All this happened thanks to Richard. Very polite and kind person, and in my opinion he is person number one in England to speak about Aixros. My testing day was at Three Sisters track, where Aixro-guys had a Thursday practise session. First I was watching them through the fence, and I tell you the truth, I was a bit scared about speeds they reach on start straight.
Then it was my turn. Richard was in a front driving another Aixro - to show me the track layout. Despite he was on cold tyres he disappeared somewhere (I was too slow). Anyway, after a couple of laps I started to understand what a beast this small angry engine is. Tremendous power from the bottom and never stopping power band until the engine hits the limiter. The sense of speed is just mind blowing.
I have never driven such a fast kart. Acceleration, corner speeds, all this things will make you forget any other machines you have tried. And all this comes in a gear-free kart. Another good point of Aixros is that they are based on top range front brake chassis (I guess normally used for KZ2). This gives us extra corner speed, lots of adjustments, and sure extra confidence in late braking. It was my first time with a front brake kart, and my mind was switching on the brake pedal to early. It’s hard to understand how quick they can brake. You have to get used to it.
Then I was watching Richard testing one of the other Aixros trying to fine tune the engine. This person can go fast too! Don't take this as an advertising, but I was pretty shocked to see a seller/mechanic/racer – all in one. Nice person, I recommend to get in touch with him, in case you are thinking of Aixros. Thanks Richard!
And the final sentence is about Aixro.. What is it? My opinion, that Aixro is probably the most advanced kart engine option on the market. With no rivals in this sector, no rivals in reliability and speed. And when you stick this little engine with a top range front brake chassis, you get probably the best package your money can buy. Does it mean I'm Richard's customer? Yes!"
2011 Racing Kicked Off

The 2011 race series has kicked off nicely with races in Veldhoven (NL) and Teesside (UK). The Veldhoven race did not have as many drivers as we were used to, mainly due to the holiday season, but the racing was very exciting and as always great fun to watch - and lots of fun for the drivers.
Despite some rain, the race at Teesside went really well and everybody had a great time. This applied especially to the drivers from continental Europe, who were not really sure why they would be driving up to 1000km for a kart race until they got to the track. It was superb; more than 1.6km long and really, really fast!
Congratulations to Jurgen De Block, who managed to win both races, though it was very close at both Veldhoven and Teesside.
Next up are Berghem (NL) on the 3rd of April and PFi (UK) on the 24th of April. We look forward to seeing you there.
Veldhoven photos from Heidi Montfoort and race results from TimeService
Teesside photos from Jan Toussaint, videos on YouTube and race results from AIM MotorSport
New 2011 aixro XR50

The aixro XR50 has been redesigned for 2011. It now comes with a digital ignition system, which has been developed in cooperation with German ignition specialist PVL.
Its variable ignition timing and integrated start support has resulted in significantly improved starting performance, and the higher spark quality and intensity yield increased bottom end power. The ignition is self-sustaining, so it does not require a battery to start and run, but if a battery is aboard the integrated alternator will supply 50W regulated current to keep the battery fully charged.
Integrating the ignition was not easy because it affected the engine's dynamic balance. This unfortunately means that it is hardly possible to retrofit the ignition to older engines. But after very satisfying results on the aixro XF40, both aixro and we were very determined to have the PVL ignition on the XR50 as well.
Find further engine details and pictures on the aixro XR50 product page.
Torque Magazine: "Redefined Karting"

UK-based Torque Magazine gave the Aixro XR50 a try, "expecting to find yet another engine that has tried and failed to match the ‘adequacy’ of the Rotax Max".
Well, we had them convinced - not just of the power, but also of the drivability! It appears they had a great time driving the engine in both wet and dry conditions, but read the article yourself here.
Many thanks to Torque Magazine for this great review, and likewise to our UK dealer AIM MotorSport for hosting the test drive.
Karting Events: Round 2, 2010

The second round of the Karting Events Race Series took place in perfect sunshine at the “De Landsard” track in Veldhoven. In the time practice Robert de Boer marked his territory with a clear P1, 3 tenths ahead of Jurgen de Block and Julien DeBolle further behind.
The first race took off with a hard fight for the first corner, which made Robert de Boer and Jurgen de Block lose a few positions as Julien DeBolle took P1 ahead of Bjorn Bourgonjon. But Robert came back very quickly to catch Bjorn and Julien, and then he escaped for a comfortable victory. After a few laps Bjorn also managed to get past Julien, but did not get away. Julien stayed behind him throughout the race and did not notice Jurgen de Block, who had fought hard to catch up. Therefore he “left the door open”, and Jurgen overtook him in the very last lap to finish third.
The second race again started with some rumbling in the first corner, and again Julien DeBolle managed to take P1, this time closely followed by Jurgen de Block and Robert de Boer. Since both Jurgen and Robert were clearly quicker, it did not take long until they overtook him to duel for the victory. Robert tried his luck several times, but did not manage to get past Jurgen, so Jurgen took the victory in the second race ahead of Robert and Julien.
Winner of the day was Robert de Boer ahead of Jurgen de Block, Julien DeBolle, Jean-Patrick Demoutiez, Bernd Kapper and Poul Henrik Woelfle.

Race Results:
Further pictures of the race:
Karting Events: Round 1, 2010

The weather forecast did not bode well for the first race of the Karting Events race series. And in the morning it still rained cats and dogs, so half the paddock walked around in gumboots, and the free practice was raced with wet tyres. But when it came to the time practice, it had stopped raining, the sun came out, and the track was about to turn dry. Still everybody was out on wet tyres – except Jurgen de Block, who put all his eggs in one basket and went out on slicks. One more lap, and he would probably have made it to pole position, but he still came in fourth place. Fastest was Fabian Müller ahead of Robert de Boer and René Bosman.
In the first race Fabian Müller got well away from the start and caught an easy win. Jurgen de Block came in 2nd, closely followed by Bjorn Bourgonjon. Behind them followed Bernd Kapper, Poul Henrik Woelfle and Robert de Boer, who had fought his way through the pack after being too late on the brakes in a fight with Bjorn Bourgonjon at the early stages of the race.
In the second race Jurgen de Block won the start ahead of Fabian Müller and managed to get away in the first few laps. But then Fabian Müller closed the gap very quickly, so it was a tough fight until the end of the race, but Fabian just didn’t get past Jurgen. In the next to last corner he tried his luck once more, but there was not enough space, so he hit Jurgen unfortunately from the back. As he came out first from the collision, Fabian won the race ahead of Jurgen de Block and Bjorn Bourgonjon.
Behind these three there were some exciting fights throughout the race. These were won by fourth-placed Julien DeBolle ahead of Jean-Patrick Demoutiez and Poul Henrik Woelfle.
Congratulations to the winner Fabian Müller, Jurgen de Block in second place and Bjorn Bourgonjon in third – and many thanks to everybody for a great start to the season.

Race results:
Further pictures of the race:
2010 Race Series

The Aixro race series are gaining ground! AIM MotorSport and Karting Events are approaching their second season, and in Spain we will have the COPA AIXRO. We are looking forward to a new season with exciting races and a good spirit. Find further information and the race dates in the events section.
Flyer 2010 Rotary Engine Races
Flyer 2010 Rotary Engine Races
Karting Season 2009

Now that the first karting season with Aixro XR50 race series is over, we can look back on a very successful year 2009. Though some of the drivers didn’t make it for the last race in Berghem/Oss, we still had 14 drivers on the grid – a very respectable result for a new race series, so as in the UK things are looking great for 2010! We would like to thank all drivers who attended the races and of course the organizers Karting Events and AIM Motorsport, who made the race series possible. We hope you had as much fun as we did, and that you will be around again for next year. And we congratulate the winners Justin Coxon (AIM Motorsport) and Jurgen de Block (Karting Events)! Photos of the last two Karting Events races can be seen and bought from the website of Heidi Montfoort, an extensive report about the last race is available on
Karting Magazine: “Absolutely Awesome!”

The September Edition of Karting Magazine features an article written by an excited test driver: Martin Capenhurst. Martin, who is an institution in British karting and organizer of the KartMania show, took part in the June Race of the AIM Motorsport Aixro XR50 Race Series. Read the article to find out how much fun he had. Or read the complete magazine that includes a report on eight F1 drivers testing karts at Lonato ( – online edition costs GBP 1.50).
Many thanks to AIM Motorsport and of course to Martin – see you again at in December 2009!
Race Report: Hahn

To make it short: great track, great fun, great event, great weekend! Instead of having all three races on one day, we had the first race on Saturday afternoon, then a barbecue and party in the evening, and another two races the next day.
And since the Aixro drivers are developing a good friendship and team spirit, they did not just show great races and the best lap times, but they also stayed longest at the party. Keep up the good spirit, and see you at Emmen! Oh, the results: Falko Günther dominated the weekend and won all three races ahead of Jurgen De Block. Robert De Boer completed the podium with a fine performance – driving the Aixro XR50 for the first time!
2009 race series update

We have been very busy the last weeks, so with quite a delay we now want to provide an update on the new Aixro race series:
With comparably big numbers expected, the first two races of the Dutch Karting Events race series were a bit disappointing with 8 drivers in Veldhoven and only 6 drivers in Emsbüren. Apparently people wanted to see how things pick up first and then join in when they know it’s OK. As the participating drivers were really excited and spread good news about how much fun they had, we now ended up with a remarkable 15 drivers at Spa Francorchamps – even our dealer José Barrantes and his driver Juanjo Gazapo came all the way from Spain! Many of the drivers are now planning to run the remaining races of the season and more will join in, so we are expecting good numbers for the next race. At the “race weekend” in Hahn we will probably see even more, as we are expecting some guest starters there. Here are links to the current ranking and the full results.
Despite some drivers hesitating in the UK as well, the AIM Motorsport race series had a terrific start at PFi with 15 drivers. The races were great, everybody had lots of fun, and though the following race was just postponed due to quite a few late sign-outs, we are convinced that the series will soon have more than 20 drivers. As pictures say more than words, take a look at the photos from the race on the website of AIM Motorsport and see the video on youtube. Both race series are not the ultimate challenge for the next F1 talent, but a really good platform for more and less experienced drivers to have a great time together. And if you enjoy karting, you will enjoy racing even more!! If you want to come along as well, you want to know more, or you want to rent an engine to test the Aixro XR50 in a race, just feel free to contact us.
Aixro XR50 in Japan Kart magazine

The March 2009 issue of Japan Kart magazine features a three-page article about the Aixro XR50! Many, many thanks to Midori Ikenouchi and Japan Kart, who made this possible, and who allowed us to publish the article on our website. Details about the Japan Kart magazine are available on
2009 Race Series

The race dates have been announced, and the interest in the two new 2009 race series is more than remarkable!
In the UK 22 drivers are registered by now. And in BeNe/Germany 15 drivers are registered already, though the race series has just been released.
Details and race dates of the UK series are available from Aim Motorsport Details and dates of the BeNe/Germany series will soon be available from If you have any questions, please also feel free to contact us.
AIM Race 1 - rotary engine racing
AIM Race 2 - rotary engine racing
IKA Kart 2009

The IKA 2009 show in Offenbach was a perfect start to the new season. The high interest from both customers and dealers confirmed that we are on the right path. We are now not just known for the immense power of the Aixro XR50, but also for its reliability.

The increase in requests after the show points in the same direction, so we are looking forward to a very successful year 2009.
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at IKA 2009 1
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at IKA 2009 2
KartMania 2008

It was great to see our rotary engines continue to gain acceptance and excitement among the British karting crowd.
The interest in the 2009 race series was immense, and while the competition is struggling, we provide the true powerful and reliable 4-stroke alternative. The increase in requests after the show points in the same direction, so we are looking forward to a very successful year 2009.

Many thanks to Richard, Brian and of course Steve of Aim Motorsport for the great job they have done!
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at KartMania2008 1
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at KartMania2008 2
SLR Season Finish

We finished the SLR season with 2 great weeks in (mostly) sunny France.
As always we had many interesting guests at the karting track – this time also the young talents of Deutsche Post Speed Academy. In the SLR karts they showed their skills with extremely fast lap times, and in the SLR GT car they proved their potential for the future. To some it was a surprise that they were less than a second off the fastest professional race drivers in the GT, because they drove it for the very first time.
But for us it was another proof that karting is the best driver training!
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR 2008 France 3
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR 2008 France 3
SLR Spa Francorchamps

What a weekend it was at Spa Francorchamps!
Daimler occupied most of the Formula 1 paddock, New Swiss Hutless did the same at the karting track, and a few hundred (!) Mercedes-Benz owners from Belgium came to see the SLR GT race (Jean Alesi won), race their own cars on the GP track, and to get the real racing feeling in the SLR karts.
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Spa
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Spa
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Spa
World Champions in SLR Karts

At the last SLR Event on the Paul Ricard race track two very successful sportsmen dropped by to test the SLR karts.
The one was Wimbledon-winner Boris Becker, the other Formula 1 World Champion Mika Häkkinen! Both were surprised by the performance and truly enjoyed themselves – just like Andy Brunner from New Swiss Hutless and Paul Woelfle.
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Hakkinen
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Hakkinen Becker
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Brunner Woelfle
Brooklands Double Twelve at Mercedes-Benz World

At McLaren-Mercedes’ big “Double Twelve” event on 28 and 29 June 2008, held at the impressive Mercedes-Benz World facility near London – possibly world’s largest Mercedes outlet – Aixro and Swiss Hutless, represented by Kai Attwood, kept the best of company with their SLR kart in the SLR pavilion. Sir Stirling Moss, Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen were among the active participants.
The numerous, karting-enthusiast professional drivers who visited the SLR pavilion were agreed: The SLR kart would have been the fastest of all the vehicles around that fairly tight circuit. Unfortunately, the catch fencing around the track is anything but kart-friendly, which is why we will have to await the next opportunity to provide the evidence. All the more so, we look forward to a reunion.
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Brooklands
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Brooklands
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at Mercedes-Benz SLR Brooklands
Karting1 Test on YouTube: More than 500.000 clicks

About 1½ years ago, the british online karting magazine tested the Aixro XR50 and put a short film about the test on YouTube. When it reached 50,000 views, we were really impressed. Now the legendary video has exceeded the threshold of 500,000 views. Congratulations and many thanks, karting1!
karting 1 aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine test
karting 1 aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine test
Mission Everest on Discovery Channel

The 60 minute documentation about the GKN Mission Everest will be shown on Discovery Channel for the first time on November 25th and again on December 1st and 2nd 2007.
aixro Rotary Engine over Everest 1
aixro Rotary Engine over Everest 1
Hyundai Kart Wintercup: 2nd stage

The second stage of Hyundai-Kart-Wintercup took place on December 8th in very cold, but dry conditions. Spectators got to see exciting duels between the international field of drivers. All this left Joel Berends unimpressed – he won both races.
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at KCL Wintercup 1
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at KCL Wintercup 2
SLR Event October

At the third and last SLR Event in 2007 we were again able to prove how quick a SLR kart is. Customers from all over the world – also celebrities like golf legend Nick Faldo – were impressed by the direct driving experience and the enormous speed.
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at SLROkt 1
aixro XR50 Wankel rotary engine at SLROkt 2
Live at London Science Museum

The London Science Museum has shown a GKN Mission Everest live event. The event highlighted the technical achievement of the mission, in which Mount Everest was overflown with a paramotor. This achievement can especially be accredited to Giles Cardozo, who used an Aixro engine as a basis for the most powerful paramotor ever made.
aixro Wankel rotary engine at London Science 1
aixro Wankel rotary engine at London Science 2