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The Wankel Rotary Engine

The Wankel engine is a 4-stroke engine, because the combustion processes in four independent strokes. Its main components are:
The rotor has a triangular shape, and the edges of the rotor are in permanent contact with the trochoid through the apex seals. This creates three separate combustion chambers along the flanges of the rotor and allows three 4-stroke processes to run simultaneously. The rotor only rotates at 1/3 of the speed of the eccentric shaft, so with every rotation of the shaft a different combustion chamber passes the spark plug.

Since the rotor only rotates at 1/3 of the eccentric shaft’s speed, the working stroke is distributed over 270° rotation of the eccentric shaft. A 2-stroke reciprocating piston engine only has approx. 100° available for the same stroke. Therefore the load on the power transmission, as well as the vehicle the engine is used in, is lower despite higher nominal power.

The particular advantages of Wankel engines are the lack of vibration due to fully dynamically balanced rotating masses, the very compact design, the extreme performance with a very flat torque curve, as well as very low emissions.

Wankel rotary engine rotor detail